Blonde sand. Blue and green waters. Waves have been whispering fairytales on the seashore, for centuries now. Blonde beaches, which seem to be untouched and virgin after the end of the winter. Indeed, it is a blessing to have so many beaches on such a small island. It would, undoubtedly, be a pity to leave the island without having discovered all of her beaches. Always on one condition, of course: promise to leave them behind exactly as you find them…

It is impossible for one to imagine that on such a tiny piece of land there are so many beaches. Small or large, sandy or pebbly, well concealed or not, Donousa beaches will undoubtedly capture your memory. The first beach that you meet reaching the island is the Stavrós beach. Within five minutes walking distance, no matter where you live, Stavrós beach invites you to dive into the water without having any second thoughts.

The Kedros beach is only twenty minutes far away from Stavrós. Following the uphill which begins from Pera Panta, you meet the path that leads you to the sea. One can still discern an old wrecked ship at the sea bottom, remnant of World War II. The place here is really magical. Two hills embrace the beach, giving you the feeling of protection. Just a few metres away from the sand, in the middle of nowhere, stands “Kedros”: From morning until late at night, it offers breakfast, coffee, food, local dishes and drinks. Next to Kedros, there are two other small beaches.

You can go to Vathi Limenari, below the half-ruined mill, by “lantza” (daily beach boat). Every morning it leaves the port of Stavrós, sets people ashore and returns in the evening. Here one should think beforehand about shade and water, since no facilities are provided. All that can be found is pebbles, peace, tranquility and turquoise waters…

Livadi, is the second longest beach after Kedros. It generously lies below the village of Mersini, satisfying the taste of even the most demanding visitor and leaving him speechless. A few tamarisks provide limited shade and the crystal clear water of the spring of Mersini purls from above…. It is worth walking uphill… Livadi can be reached either on foot (it takes about one hour) following the road for Mersini and then the downhill path, or by lantza. Next lies Fikio. A beach for two, or four at the most. Simply magical! At Mersini, two tavern, “Tzi Tzi” and “Michalis’ daughter” offer good food, relax and spectacular view.

The beaches of Kalotaritissa are three. Two of them are situated next to the village and the third one, Tripiti, is one quarter of an hour away on foot. Being in the northern part of the island and in the shade of mountain Papas (383m.), the scenery here is wilder and the waters are different. Hiking takes one hour and a half. Following the road which crosses the inner part of the island, you will confront an unforgettable view. The scenery is unique! If you wish, you can go there by lantza, as well. At “Maria’s tavern you will enjoy excellent food.

By exploring the island, either on foot or by boat, you will discover more and more beaches. It takes time and pain, the truth is. But that is exactly what Donousa is like. She keeps her secrets well concealed. So that she always has something new and different to show.