Our Location

As you look at the village from the sea… right at the top! This is how our location is described, and thanks to it we can gaze at the sea from high above, on the outskirts of Stavros. On the one side, the beach, the village and Amorgos in the distance. On the other, Naxos, Macares Isles, Keros and Koufonisi. Nice and quiet up here, but don’t imagine you are far from the beach. Distances are not an issue here, and you can be in the water after a mere five-minute walk through the alleys.

In case you have a vehicle, you can reach the rooms from the harbour via the motorway, and you won’t have to walk an inch! In case you don’t… well, we do!

The rooms… in our language

All the rooms are equipped with refrigerator and TV set. “Freshers” will usually ask for air-conditioning; in Donoussa however, you are more likely to need a blanket. Most rooms are made to accommodate two people, but arrangements can be made for three or even four. Because we don’t particularly like “ready-made” stuff, we saw that each room has built-in beds and hand-made decorations we made ourselves with rocks and pieces of wood from around the island.


As for the view to the sea, needless to mention again, it is open to all directions! And the cleaning is daily. Our cleaning lady and her mops are to become the sweetest… morning nightmare!

Are you in need of something? Why not ask for it?

The “studios”

In front of the main yard, particularly spacious, with built-in beds and fully equipped kitchenette, they have been “home” to many. With two or three beds, they can accommodate even more if necessary.

The “little studios”

Next to the “studios”, right by the same cherished yard. They, too, are equipped with a kitchenette, in case you want to cook.

The “apartments”

With one bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living-room, our larger ones can accommodate up to five people.

The one is to be found on the first floor, for absolute privacy.

The other on the ground floor, the whole yard being its balcony!

The “rooms”

The four rooms are located a little farther from the “studios and are equipped with fridges and utensils for your coffee. They share a large veranda , which makes them ideal for… sociable types, and even more ideal for a large company!

The “lower rooms”

The firstborns. The oldest, simplest, most loved by the old visitors, who will not exchange them for any “extra facility”. They know something! Three rooms with a common veranda, closer to the village but equally peaceful.